PrezCon Auction Logo February 19-25, 2024
DoubleTree Hotel
Charlottesville, VA
PrezCon Auction Logo
Some of the best deals on board games are offered by your fellow gamers. PrezCon's traditional, Saturday only gamer-to-gamer sales programs have been transformed into a week-long program of fun game exchanges by combining the Auction and Play-it-Again Stores into a new and enhanced "Auction Store." We learned a lot from the successful 2023 Auction Store, and you'll see the results at the 2024 convention. You can expect things like:
  • game dropoffs from Tuesday through Friday (no need to store games for sale in your car or room all week),
  • more shelving and tables to comfortably handle 1500 or more games,
  • simplified game list submissions,
  • no limits to game prices,
  • pre-completed slips emailed to you, so you can just cut and tape (painters!) to your games,
  • early game browsing (but no buying) Tuesday through Friday,
  • layaway program (reserve a must-buy game you discover for your Saturday purchase). You can pick up your top game in the half hour before the store opens on Saturday morning,
  • rummage sale for abandoned and donated games and a large selection of salvaged bits, dice, etc. on Sunday,
  • even faster and more efficient sales process,
  • CASH ONLY to speed processing and payments to sellers (ATM in hotel lobby),
  • extended store hours on Saturday,
  • rummage sale of donated games, bits, and game junk on Sunday morning,
  • perqs for volunteers! eMail Eric with your interests (setup, breakdown, receiving, etc.),
  • other things our creative staff, buyers, and sellers dream up. Tell us!
In short, the new PrezCon Auction Store will be an even more efficient and fun way to get sellers' dusty games to players who want to play them.

Here are the details!

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