PrezCon Auction Store Logo Saturday, February, 2023
DoubleTree Hotel
Charlottesville, VA
PrezCon Auction Store Logo

Auction Store, Buy and Sell Games

PrezCon offers a super-easy market where you can sell your own games on Saturday only. Your purchases get you some great games AND support the convention, since all collected fees help with operating costs. If you have games that are not getting table time, perhaps it's time to rotate them out and add something new, while supporting a convention you love AND avoiding high shipping costs.


  • The store has room for 1500 games for sale, and payment is by cash only, excepting purchases over $100, so bring plenty of cash to save trips to ATM's and convenience fees!
  • Sales start at 9am, with price drops at 11 and 1pm. Sales end at 4pm.
  • Visit the store, in the Monroe and James Madison Rooms, between 7pm and 9pm each evening, Tuesday-Friday to browse the game drop offs so far. There's no selling or buying during this time, but you may put your name on a reservation form for one game, so you may purchase it at the early price Saturday morning.
  • While visiting and previewing, be sure to register for the Friday night drawing to win a $20 gift certificate for the store.
  • Many unsold and donated games will be offered in a Rummage Sale Sunday morning, in the same rooms, from 9:05am to 11am. The price for every game will be just $1. Store volunteers go to the head of the line and get a five minute head start.
  • We're experimenting with offering a discounted shipping service for store purchases. We'll limit the service to the first five buyers who request it. Shipment will be on the Monday after the con.


  1. Too late for the Feb. 17 submission deadline? We expect to sell out every small scrap of available shelf and table space before the convention. Save any lists for next convention.
  2. Download and complete this Excel sheet, leaving lot numbers blank. To minimize scarce volunteer labor, lists must contain a minimum of ten lots. Unlike previous PrezCon stores, there is no price ceiling. Yes, you can try to sell a game for $500, but note the $.50 fee for any lot that doesn't sell.
  3. eMail the completed Excel sheet as soon as you are able (minimizing the chance the store space sells out before you send) and NO LATER THAN Friday, February 17! We'll help if there are any technical problems with your sheet, of course, but our process can't handle additions, edits, etc. after the submission is accepted. Please do not change sheet formatting. For examples, do not changing numbers from 24 to $24.00, change fonts, column headers, etc.
  4. We'll send you back a PDF file with completed slips you can print and attach to your games with painters tape. It will look something like this sample. No printer? We'll be happy to print your slips for you for just $1 in materials costs. Just please make certain that we know you need this service. You can pick up slips we've printed for you at the Auction Store registration desk when you drop off your games, and will need to cut them and tape them to your boxes. Can't use Excel? You may make a copy of this Google Sheet, complete it, MAKE IT PUBLIC, and email the link.
  5. We'll have painters tape at the store, but sellers with many games generally attach slips in advance, so they can spend more time gaming and shopping. Something like this (note the early, mid, and late prices folded onto box spine):
  6. Bring your games to the Monroe Room & James Madison Room between 7 and 9pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Con attendees will have a limited ability to browse (but not buy) games during dropoff times, so the sooner you bring your games, the more buyers will see them. There's a $.50 fee per game you enter, whether or not it sells. In addition to the $.50 listing fee, the store will get 15% of your total sales, rounded up to the nearest $.25. To encourage realistic pricing and save room for games that actually SELL, each game that does NOT sell will be assessed an additional $.50. For example, you submit 12 games, 10 of which sell for a total of $200. Fees would be $6+$30+$1.
  7. You must collect any unsold games and get your sales proceeds in cash between 4pm and 8pm on Saturday. If you don't pick up your unsold games by 8pm. If they are still unclaimed by 8pm Saturday, they will be considered donated to the store, with our sincere thanks for supporting us. They might end up in the rummage sale Sunday morning. If you can't collect your sales proceeds in cash by 8pm Saturday, you can request they be sent to a PayPal account after the con is over.
  8. Here are some tips for sellers.
We need help! The more volunteers we have, the more games we can manage. Volunteers also get first looks at the lots. eMail if you are willing to help on either Friday night or Saturday during the sale, or (especially) during the hours after the sale ends.

Here are the early submissions. Final store submissions and sales with lot numbers will be posted here shortly after the con.

Store features in detail:
  • Game dropoffs have gone from Friday evening only to every night but Monday. You don't need to store your games for sale in your car or room all week. The current plan is to permit dropoffs Tuesday through Friday. Just bring your bag or cart to the Monroe and James Madison rooms between 7 and 9 pm. We're expecting submissions to fill all available shelving and table space before the con, so please don't bring games you haven't pre-registered.
  • More shelving and tables to comfortably handle 1500 or more games. We'll have about 25 shelving units and a dozen tables to display games for sale. With labels taped to expose pricing on each game's spine, shopping will be faster with higher density presentations.
  • Simplified game list submissions. The submission spreadsheet has reduced fields, with just your name, pricing, game title, and comments for everything else, such as publisher and condition. The maximum price ceiling has been removed, but note that you will pay a $.50 "not sold" penalty for any game that doesn't sell. The spreadsheet also has a tab with detailed instructions. Just email your list BEFORE the store fills up.
  • Pre-completed slips emailed to you, so you can just cut and tape to the box. Use your own painters tape or attach at the store using the store's tape.
  • Early game browsing (but no buying) from 7pm to 9pm Tuesday through Friday. Drop by if you have a break from gaming to see what's been dropped off so far.
  • Layaway program. You may reserve a "must-buy" game you discover for your exclusive Saturday purchase. You must buy a reserved game in the first hour after the store opens for sales on Saturday, and pay the "early" price. Just complete and attach a reservation slip available at the checkin table and place the game in the "Reserved" pile. This will probably be in boxes under one of the tables.
  • Generous gamers often donate games they have been unable to sell. We'll have a rummage sale for many abandoned and donated games on Sunday, from 9am to noon, in the same rooms. Price is $1 per game. Bring exact change! Store volunteers will be allowed a five minute head start as a reward for their service.
  • Faster and more efficient sales process. We've spent the last two years refining our tools and process for rapid sales and seller payouts. We really believe things will be dramatically more efficient than ever before.
  • Credit cards will be allowed for large purchases. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring lots of cash for buying. Despite their efforts, buyers sometimes still find themselves short. For the first time, PrezCon's store will accept credit cards for purchases over $100. There will be a flat $5 surcharge to cover bank fees. Card readers don't ALWAYS work, so BRING PLENTY OF CASH!
  • extended store hours on Saturday, TBD
  • Discount shipping service on-site for those who fly to PrezCon. This is new service, and so may be limited to the first five requests. You will get a quote to ship your purchases, pay that price, and they will be processed for shipment shortly after the con. Tracking number will be provided when your package ships. A large box of games might be as little as $40 to ship.
  • Drawing for a store credit. Complete a slip with your ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY legible email address (seriously!). No need to be present! Drawing will be made at close of submissions on Friday night. Get a $20 credit towards any store purchases!
  • Perqs for volunteers. Pitch in and you can have first looks at the games, front-of-the-line privileges at each price drop, and a five minute head start for the Sunday rummage sale, where all games are just $1. We need editors, packers, organizers, marketers, greeters, and especially movers. Nothing is heavy! Moving help is especially needed Monday afternoon, and on Saturday in the late afternoon and early evening.