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Auction Store Marketplace, Buy and Sell Games

We'll be running a super-easy Auction Store where you can sell your own games on Saturday only. Your purchases get you some great games AND support local board gaming, since all collected fees go toward Congress of Gamers convention space rental.

The store's space constraint is 1500, for cash ONLY, so bring plenty of cash! Sales start at 11am, with price drops at 1 and 2. Sales end at 4.

Sellers: You will email us a list of games you wish to sell in an Excel sheet. We'll send you back a PDF file with completed slips (here's a sample) you can print and attach to your games with painters tape. We'll have tape at the store, but sellers with many games generally attach slips in advance, so they can spend more time gaming and shopping.

There's a $.25 fee per game on your submission list, whether or not it sells. There's an additional $.25 fee for any game that doesn't sell. You collect any unsold games and get your sales in cash between 5pm and 6pm. If you don't pick up your unsold games by 6pm, they will be stored only until 4pm Sunday, when they will be considered donated to the Congress of Gamers, with our sincere thanks for supporting local gaming. Game submission may begin as early as 9am on Saturday. Volunteers helping with Friday setup can drop games between 5pm and 7pm on Friday.

Complete this spreadsheet, with an entry for each item you are selling, leaving lot numbers blank. if you add a hyperlink to the BGG listing for your game, any armchair shoppers can see in advance what a great game and great deal it is. eMail to us (at at least three days before the con. We'll assign lot numbers, send you a PDF with sales slips to painter-tape to your boxes, and merge your lot data into the master sell-list. In addition to the $.25 submission fee, CoG will collect 10% of your total sales, rounded up to the nearest $.25, and $.25 MORE if it doesn't sell. We really need lots of volunteers for the Auction Store. Volunteers don't pay the 10% fee! Here are some tips for sellers.

Here are the game submissions so far (updated weekly). Note that the convention director buys game collections and sells individual games on BGG, eBay and Amazon . If you would like any of those (about 2000 games) added to the Auction Store, just email him.

Location: Azalea Room

Buyers at the Fall 2019 session. Our gamers want more games! Our gamers NEED to sell more games!

Shelves of gaming goodness for sale at GREAT prices. If you have games that are not getting table time, perhaps it's time to rotate them out and add something new, while supporting the local gaming community AND avoiding high shipping costs.