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Tips for Auction Store Sellers

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  • Prices:
    Veteran store managers suggest you set your prices like this:
    • Early price: The price you hope an eager buyer would pay
    • Mid price: The price you think is a great deal for the buyer, and that anyone interested in the game should be happy to pay
    • Late price: The price you would reluctantly settle for, just so you don't have to drag it back home, where it will continue to clutter your scarce space.

  • The sales slips we send you are designed so you need only use the upper part of the form, and can exclude the lower part that isn't used. Cut just below the last line of text, leaving just enough blank paper so painters tape won't cover any essential text. This will cover as little of the box's artwork as possible. Remember that box artwork is very carefully crafted by marketing professionals who are expert at SELLING that box.

  • If you add a hyperlink to the BGG listing for each game you offer, any armchair shoppers can more easily research them in advance, which is likely to increase your sales. While you are getting the link, you can check BGG Marketplace prices for the game, to make sure your game is priced to sell. To add a link to BGG, copy the URL for the game (highlight and Ctrl-C) then select the cell of your Excel entry for the game name. Press Ctrl-K to open the link option, then Ctrl-V to paste the link.

  • When printing your slips, using a very lightly colored paper can make collecting your unsold games a lot easier.

  • Stores are often forced to shelve or stack large numbers of games so just the box spine is showing. Buyers will recognize many games from a glance at their spine, but with no pricing on the spine, buyer after buyer will unshelve your game, slowing store transit, check your pricing, and reshelve, or just not bother to look. You can avoid this by folding the right edge of the sales slip over the spine before taping. Like this:

  • If you think you might want to use some of your transport boxes to take unsold games back home with you, it's a little risky to leave them in the sales rooms where buyers who need a box will often assume they can use them.