GCOM's Winter Game Fest Logo
Jan 30-31, 2016
Rockville Senior Center
1150 Carnation Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

This is the Con Director's open games schedule for the 2016 GCOM's Winter Game Fest. If your popular favorite isn't included, just add it to scheduled open gaming and you may attract the players you need. The Con Director's open games schedule are the tourney selections from Congress of Gamers, with the exact same schedule, but with no tournament scoring. If you are willing to demo one of these or to run a coached game at the time listed, please email me at info@emsps.com so I can share this with attendees.

In additional to the Con Directors selection for scheduled open gaming, there will be additional scheduled open gaming, casual/unscheduled open gaming, a social/party games schedule (probably), and a few special events, perhaps D&D and big track Championship Formula Racing. Email info@emsps.com if you think there's an error. Single sheet printed schedules will be available at the con, and for download and printing a few days before the con.


Hansa Teutonica  Vegas Showdown  St. Petersburg cover   

Hansa Teutonica (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Vegas Showdown (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
St. Petersburg (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Merchant of Venus (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)

Ticket to Ride  Roll for the Galaxy  Dominion 

Ticket to Ride (with Team Asia optional, Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Roll for the Galaxy (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Dominion - Josh Spicka

Trains  Stone Age  Lords of Waterdeep cover  Acquire 

Trains (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Stone Age (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Lords of Waterdeep John Wittkamper will teach/coach
Acquire (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)

Trans America 

Transamerica (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)

Russian Railwords  Castles of Burgundy  Keyflower cover  Five Tribes cover 

Russian Railroads (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Castles of Burgundy (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Keyflower (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Five Tribes - Jacob Yeager

1830: Railways and Robber Barrons  Power Grid  Splendor  Caverna cover 

1830: Railways and Robber Barrons -- Demo/game or both, depending on interest. (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Power Grid (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Splendor with Meeple League SF/F (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Caverna (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)


Egizia  Puerto Rico  Ra 

Egizia (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Puerto Rico (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Ra (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)

Thurn and Taxis  Machi Koro  7 Wonders 

Thurn and Taxis (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Machi Koro (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Seven Wonders (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)

The Settlers of Catan  Small World  Castles of Mad King Ludwig 

Settlers of Catan (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Small World (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)

Race for the Galaxy  Carcassonne  Lost Cities 

Race for the Galaxy (John Riston)
Carcassonne (Teacher/coach volunteer needed)
Lost Cities (play three hands with one opponent, Teacher/coach volunteer needed)