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GCOMís Winter Game Fest (WGF), at the Rockville Senior Center, has been carefully crafted to be a truly great open gaming experience. We donít just put you in a large room and force you to organize games on your own. We provide a highly optimized core schedule of popular convention games, including optional demo, learning, and coached games, so itís easy to play your favorites and learn new ones, without the pressure of tourney play.

In addition to the core schedule, the online schedule is editable, so you and other gamers can add your own games, and find and join enthusiasts in long format, new, less popular or unusual games. A wide variety of table signage simplifies inviting compatible players. The conís open gaming library will be a combination of the extensive GCOM and Congress of Gamers Libraries, plus requested titles from the John Goon collection. The conís vendor, Merchants of Table Top Gaming specializes in demoing the games they sell, and will be returning to WGF to do just that. A huge Bring & Buy auction store will provide hours of browsing for great new and used game deals, and a super easy way for you to find new homes for your dusty games.

North Star Games will be in the Azalea room, where you can sneak-preview their upcoming 2016 releases (Evolution: Climate, Evolution: The Beginning, Wits & Wagers Epic Geek, and Happy Salmon), play in mini-tournaments, and demo any of their games.

Of course, weíll also have a no-ship math trade, a well equipped snack bar, and lots of special events to join. Amazingly, you get all this for just $10 for the entire weekend, thanks to GCOM's generous subsidy. Pre-register now to be sure you get one of the limited spaces.