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Scheduled Open Gaming Events: Want to pack in as many of your favorite games as you can in your day? Scheduled open gaming is for you. We've taken the most popular games selected for the Congress of Gamers tournament play and used that same optimized schedule for the "Director's Picks" schedule. The schedule is designed so that you can jump into your choice of several popular games just minutes after you finish the one you are in. No hunting and waiting for other players and then negotiating what to play. Of course, any attendee can add their own favorite to the schedule, and unscheduled open gaming is still available for everyone. Want to lead a game? Just update the Google sheet above, or eMail me at with the game name, time, and whether you are willing for it to be a teaching game. Ill update the list daily. Well also have a whiteboard available that could show games about to start.

A wide variety of signage is available to help gamers identify tables to join and also to help game leaders recruit interested players who will be a good fit for their game. These include pre-printed and blank signage tents for 8.5" x 11" paper, 4"x6" plastic stands, and whiteboards. Here are some early examples:

Games Club of Maryland and Congress of Gamers will both be bringing popular titles from their libraries. Selected titles from John Goon's libraries will supplement them, so there will be up to 1000 games to choose from. You can view the consolidated collection here. If you especially want a chance to play a less popular game from any of those libraries, email us in advance so we can be sure to bring it. Here's the register of recorded games borrowed in 2015.