Congress of Gamers

Cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda
August 17-22, 2019

Mensa Ludum, Can't Lose Cruise

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Yes, Congress of Gamers is cruising August 17-22 from Baltimore to Bermuda! Date and ship are locked. To secure the best rates, we are co-cruising with a group of MENSA members under the same package deal. Many of them are also board gamers!

Cabin prices are deeply discounted cruise pricing with only a minimal, $50 surcharge to cover shirts, badges, and a bit of administration costs. Gaming will include open gaming, scheduled open gaming, and even some "wild card" tourney play.

Here's a typical, deeply discounted cruise pricing for this itinerary. Shop here, but then contact our cruise planner, Michael, at 860-231-0149 or to make an actual reservation (probably at an even better deal).