Senior Center Rooms and Features
Here's a very crude room layout in a PPT file. And a photo of a more detailed layout. Some specs:
Carnation Room is 50' deep by 45' wide, not counting the stage.
Stage is 42' wide and 15' deep, with three stairs.
Board Room

Table Sizes

A few rooms' table specs:
Arts and Crafts room has nine 35.5"x72" tables
Azalea Room has twelve 24"x60" tables and one 36"x36" table
Blossom Room has Eight 23.5"x71.5" tables and one 33.5"x33.5" card table
Board Room tables are in a large ring with side tables measuring 36"x72" and corner tables 36" wedges. Also two 36"x36" card tables
Card Room has Ten 36"x36" card tables and two round poker tables (with depressions for cards and chips)
Carnation Room stage (vendor) tables are 30"x72"
Carnation Room common tables are 29"x95"
Dining Room/Snack Bar (16) and Sun Room (9) tables are 41.5"x41"
Lounge is approximately 36' x 22'