Senior Center Accessibility Features
As a Senior Center, the Rockville Senior Center has many physical accessibility features. As a test-bed for the Meeples Like Us Board Game Convention Accessiblity Guidelines, this con will attempt to address a broader range of accessibility issues. Board Gaming is an activity everyone can enjoy, and board game conventions are a great opportunity for ALL gamers to get together and play. Gamers with special challenges are welcome at this convention, including those who are deaf, color-blind, have mobility issues, have sensitivities to crowds, noise and some types of lighting. Of course, convention management can't help with most of the challenges gamers face, but we'll do what we can to help accommodate players. Send an email to with any requests or suggestions.
Here are some facility details that may be of interest to some gamers:
  • Physical considerations:
    • There is wheel chair ramp access to all areas of the con, except for the Carnation Room Stage. The only activity planned for the stage is the Math Trade. There will be plenty of gamers present to place your games on the tables there.
    • Electric doors? Electric doors are available at the front and side entrances, but not at rear entrances. The snack bar entrance has no assists.
    • Parking: There are plenty of very close handycapped parking spaces next to the side entrance with the ramp. There are XX (forgot to check) handicapped spaces with extra side space.
    • There are 30-100 feet of weather exposure from handicapped spaces to building cover.
    • Access to and between game tables. I don't have measurements for this, but will try to get them in the next week. Forgot my measuring tape!
    • The entire facility is single story, so no elevators or escalators are needed.
    • STURDY, wide-seat chair available? Let the registration desk know of your need and we'll try to have a chair available for you. Standard chair. Alternate chair.
    • Table corner and end spots are available in all rooms. Ask at the registration desk and we'll try to arrange spaces you can easily get to and comfortably play in.
    • This facility does not have any gender neutral or single patron rest rooms.
  • Lighting - This ranges from full sun (outdoor picnic tables) to a 270 degree windowed "Sun Room" to typical windowed classrooms, to well lit (fluorescent) interior spaces. It's a very well maintained support center for seniors on week days, and I've never actually seen non-working bulb anywhere in the building.
  • Lines - Con management makes short lines a priority. Unless you want to wait in line to be the first shopper in the Auction Store, there are no lines of over two of minutes. Hallways are equipped with chairs you can use while in line there.
  • Noise - play is divided into six to nine rooms with acoustic tile ceilings and plenty of sound absorbent materials, making it among the least noisy of convention facilities. There will be no loudspeaker announcements during the con. A crier will announce pizza ordering deadlines and deliveries.
  • Quiet spaces - LOTS of them, including walkways and forests a few steps away from each entrance.
  • Companion Animals policy - don't know about this
  • WiFi and phone reception - There's free WiFi in the facility (get password posted at facility front desk) and telephone reception is very good throughout the building.