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Congress of Gamers Volunteer Opportunities

It takes a whole gaming community to make a successful (and affordable) gaming convention. Even a very small contribution helps a lot. Here are some known tasks, but feel free to volunteer for others you think of! Try this volunteer registration tool or contact Eric Engelmann to express interest.

Game Masters: Be a GM for a game you know well, or assist a GM. GM's need only: be present for the duration of the game (they need not be playing it), know the game well enough to handle any rules questions, and be willing to help decide finishes. They don't need to register players, assign seating, or calculate award scoring. They ususally play the game, as well!

Game Demos: If you know a game well enough, and have the temperament and the skills to teach, please volunteer to demo a game.

Artistic: Design things. Could be any kind of posters, signage, logos, web pages, and artwork.

Transportation: Check and document local transport options from hotels, Metro, train station, and airports.

Transportation: If you pass by a Metro station or drive from a distance, offer rides!

Editorial: Edit what we write to ensure our communications are as effective as possible.

Photography: Photograph and/or video events. This can be as simple as sharing smartphone snaps, or as sophisticated as your skills and gear permit.

Press relations: Write press releases and market CoG to the broader DC area and the Rockville communities.

Hotel Liason: Check local hotels for available deals for our attendees.

Registration help: Welcome attendees and answer basic convention questions. Meet lots of gamers!

Signage Master: Set up easels, posters, and white boards. This should be 15 minutes of work on Saturday morning.

Table prep: Drape (put tableclothes over) various official tables. Help make everything look nice. This should be 15 minutes of work on Saturday morning.

Snack bar help: You've always wanted to try your hand at running a store, right? Here's your chance. Sell chips, candy, drinks, and pizza while meeting your fellow gamers. Get a shirt! Shifts can be as short as one hour. The key need is for setup Saturday morning and for Saturday lunch.

Cleanup: During the final 15 minutes of the gaming day, we desperately need multiple people to empty wastbaskets, and recycle bins, pick up loose items, remind gamers to finish up, and move furniture back to original locations. No gaming expertise required! It's only 15 minutes. Help out the guys who are playing to the last minute, because we'd otherwise have to close at 10:45 and 7:45.