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Rockville Senior Center
1150 Carnation Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
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Have you ever played a game and thought "This would be so much better if..."?
Do you often think of rule changes to games to make them new or unique?
Or have you ever thought of making your own game?

Please join us and local game designers to play-test new and upcoming games in our Unpublished Gaming Room hosted by Break My Game!

We are looking for players like you to provide feedback on games that were created by local designers, to help them improve their games. Even if you are new to gaming, your feedback is valued and your opinions can help shape the games of our future. Don't be surprised when a game you played here this year appears on the open gaming shelves next year!

Play Testing is Easy

Step 1: Find a game that catches your eye. We will have plenty of different games to try. So find one that suites your play style.
Step 2: Sit down and play with old and new friends as the designer helps you get things started and explains the rules.
Step 3: Enjoy the game! The best part of play testing is, no one else has played the game either, so feel free to enjoy yourself!
Step 4: Provide feedback and insight to the designer. Your thoughts and opinion will be used in the game design process!
Step 5: Rinse and Repeat!

Check back here often to find out which games will be play tested at Congress of Gamers this year!

Here are soem of the games scheduled at the Fall 2017 convention:

  1. The Book of the Dead - By Jole Sparks of
    The good news is, you are Egyptian royalty. The bad news is you're dead. But your adventure has only begun. Guide your followers in stocking your tomb with everything you will need to face the ravenous Demons and demanding Gods of the afterlife. Cleanse your heart of sin and enter the paradise of the Field of Reeds -- and leave your dead, scheming relatives behind to have their souls consumed by monsters and fire.
  2. The Campaign - By Salvio Fossa and John Keelan
    The Campaign is a dice accumulation game that simulates a run for the presidency. Players grow their campaign and garner support from the media, grass-roots supporters, and financial backers until they finally square off election night leveraging their power to sweep the electoral college.
  3. Word Play - By Spencer Green
    In Word Play, you create new words and see what they can do in various scenarios. Get the most votes and you win!
  4. Art Class - Matt Asfar
    Come play as an underachieving art student on the verge of failing a key class you need to graduate. Your sadistic professor has decided to give one last chance to you and your fellow slackers: the first one that can recreate their favorite painting will pass the class and the rest of you will fail! However, your professor has underestimated just how resourceful and devious slackers can be...
  5. Miner Rings - Charlie Hoopes
    A pick up and deliver with moving destinations and shared dice rolls. Deliver the most cargo between moving space stations orbiting a ringed planet.


Do you want to play test your game at Congress of Gamers? Sign up for your table by filling out this simple sign up form.

Sign ups are first come first served, but we will try to honor as many requests as possible.

About Break My Game

Break My Game hosts monthly meet ups for designers and play testers in College Park and Annapolis, MD. We have been running our meet ups for over a year and a half and have had designers from all over Maryland, DC, and Virginia come to play test with us. You might have seen us hosting play testing events at several conventions in DC and Maryland including WashingCon, Awesome Con, Trident Con, and even Unpub 6! We are excited to be a part of Congress of Gamers this year! We invite you to check out our other events by visiting us at