Congress of Gamers Logo Oct. 7-8, 2017
Rockville Senior Center
1150 Carnation Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Congress of Gamers Logo

Doors open for registration and open gaming at 9:00 Saturday and Sunday.
Con closes at midnight Saturday and 9pm Sunday. If you are here Friday night, please join 30+ gamers at 355 Linthicum (in the right entrance to the Church) from 7 to midnight for open gaming. FREE!

Cons run on volunteers, and every bit of help means a lot. You can check out volunteer opportunities here, or just contact the convention director, Eric Engelmann, at if you are willing to run or assist with any events or volunteer for anything at all. We need photographers, marketers, pizza help, GMs, demonstrators, setup, cleanup, Bring & Buy registration, Games librarian, and more.

The current, single page, printable schedule is available here (last year's, for now). A final, printed version will be available at the con.
Event GM Description Location
Registration Eric Engelmann Register on-site from 9:00 to closing each day. Online pre-registration is available for a discount for those who pre-pay. Deadline for pre-registration for the Fall 2016 session is Sept. 22. Lounge hallway, then Snack Bar
Refreshments Linda Engelmann Refreshments will be available from 9am-10pm Saturday and 9am-7pm Sunday. We'll have sodas, water, juice, crackers, chips, pretzels, candy, hot dogs, cookies, etc. Fresh pizza and salads from Slice of Rockville will be for sale by the slice or pie around 1pm and 6pm. Snack Bar
Math Trade Eric Sokolowsky Math trade games should be available and checked-in by 2 p.m. Add your games to the list on Boardgame Geek before the convention. Get details on our Commerce page. Carnation Stage
Auction Store Eric Engelmann The Auction Store opens for sales at 11am Saturday, closing at 4pm. Sellers should visit the commerce page for details. Lounge
Tournament Games Schedule Marcia Morelli Play some of the most popular games (based on rankings at that play well in tournament settings. Demos precede many games. You may play as many or as few of these as you like. Games start at scheduled times, with a new set about every 2 hours. A prizes will be awarded to the players who perform best overall. These generally include plaque, shirt, meeple pin, and gift certificate. Carnation
Scheduled Open Gaming These games aren't in the formal tournament schedule, but their fans will still get together for play at specified times. Carnation
Party Games Bayard Catron Unfortunately, CoG's Party Games veterans, The Party Gamecast crew, are unavailable this year, but the DC area's social gaming meetup pioneer, Bayard Catron, has stepped up to fill the gap. I'm sure he'd like some help, so feel free to volunteer! Sun Room
Copyright Office We have a room dedicated to game designers. Congress of Gamers, from 10am-10pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday. If your game is ready for marketing to convention attendees, we also offer dedicated tables for $50, in your choice of high traffic locations. Azalea
Diplomatic Corps Adam Sigal Hopefully, the DC area's Diplomacy group, the Potomac Tea and Knife Society, will be doing a Diplomacy event at CoG. Details to follow. Card Room?
Dungeons and Dragons Dom Rumors of demonic activity in the Underdark have reached the surface through whispers and hushed tales of violence. In the madness of the dark, who will be the light to shine against the demons? Join your fellow adventurers and brave the evil that threatens the Forgotten Realms! This year D&D Adventurers League will be offering exciting play events all weekend long at Congress of Gamers, featuring adventures set in the new Rage of Demons storyline. New players can see what all the action is about in 1 hour introductory sessions happening every hour. No sign-up required, no experience necessary and all materials provided! Players looking for even more adventure can sign up for 4 hour D&D Expeditions events happening all weekend long. Carnation Room
Dept. of High Speed Transportation Doug Schulz Saturday, 9:30am demo and 10am game. Championship Formula Racing (CFR) is a modern interpretation of the classic 3M/Avalon Hill title Speed Circuit in development for Jolly Roger Games. Photo. CFR is a simulation of the highest levels of international open-wheel racing from the driverís perspective. A highly strategic game, players guide their cars around actual tracks from past and present using cars that have been customized for Start Speed, Acceleration, Top Speed, Deceleration, Tire Wear, and Driver Skill. At Congress of Gamers we will use 1/64 scale tracks, matchbox sized cars, and large fields of roughly 10 cars per track. Multiple tracks will be used to accommodate all attendees. A full set of rules can be found at but a full demo will occur before the lights go out and the racing begins. Rookies welcome! Carnation
Call of Cthulhu Angela Souders One of the most interesting RPG's, GM'ed by an enthusiastic veteran. Newbies welcome! Various sessions. Card Room
Open Gaming We're setting aside plenty of space for Open Gaming. Games Club of Maryland is bringing popular titles from the GCoM library and you may request games from John Goon's clubs collection to supplement the CoG Library, so there will be many games to choose from. You can view the consolidated collection here. If you especially want to play a less popular or obscure game in either library, email us in advance so we can be sure to bring it. Dining Room
SchedulingHelen Powell Helen Powell has been indispensible in doing the detailed analytical work needed to schedule games and GMs across all event tracks. Thanks!