Congress of Gamers Logo Oct. 13-14, 2018
Rockville Senior Center
1150 Carnation Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Congress of Gamers Logo

In adddition to all the scheduled gaming events, there will be many gamers participating in Open Gaming. In open gaming, you choose a game, find some interested gamers, select an available table, and play. Here's how Congress of Gamers helps you get gaming.

  • Choose a game - Many gamers bring their own games, but you can also select from over 1000 games in the CoG, GCOM, and John Goon libraries. If you want to play a less popular game, be sure to let us know in advance, since all 1000 games will not be on-site. A pictorial list of the "baseline" games library that will be at the con can be viewed and searched here with "Eric Engelmann" as the username. If you are interested in war games, rare games, and obscure games, you can check this link and request a game from Eric's BGG Marketplace Store. We generally won't bring unpunched games from this list.
  • Find players - Many signage options will be available. You place one of these at your table so gamers will know what you are looking for.
  • Select table - One of the great features of the Senior Center is its mutiple rooms with different table types. Want to play an eight player Eclipse game? We have huge tables for that. Want a quiet place, a table with lots of natural light, an outdoor picnic table, a table with lots of traffic? We have those.
  • Available tools - In addition to a case of numbered poker chips, playing cards, pencils, pads, and dice, the con's library also has a timer cube you may try, a map frame (useful for war gamers), and a very early, embryonic form of a planned accessibility kit for gamers who have difficulties playing some games.
Don't be afraid to join the many tournament games! Just because they are part of a tournament scoring system doesn't mean a gamer who doesn't care about tournament scoring can't play. Just make sure you know the rules before joining a tourney game.

One of the Open Gaming rooms during COG 2015.

Open gaming signage.