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Congress of Gamers Summer Session, 2022

Combined with Play-to-Win donations that were not distributed at previous sessions, 19 games were in the program. With reduced attendance relative to the pre-pandemic era, especially among the causual gamers most inclined to participate in Play-To-Win play, many games were not played. Gamers being gamers, some avoided creating play slips for games they tried but didn't like, to avoid winning one of those instead of the ones they tried and REALLY wanted to win.

The games and plays:

  1. Artbox
  2. Big Easy Busking
  3. Crossed Words
  4. Dealt
  5. Exodus: Paris Nouveau
  6. Front Line No Komrades
  7. 10-Ganesha
  8. 1-Good Cop Bad Cop
  9. 2-Goonies: Never Say Die
  10. Helios Expanse
  11. Obelisk
  12. 1-Saboteur
  13. 2-Shogunate
  14. 2-Skull King (with Legendary Expansion)
  15. The Bottle Imp
  16. 2-The Deadlies
  17. 4-The Great Heartland Hauling Co.
  18. 1-The Resistance (3rd Ed)
  19. Traitor Mechanic
  20. Trophies
  21. Windmill:Cozy Stories
  22. 2-Winter Queen