Auction Store stats for the Summer 2018 Session

We had 1357 games in the store (about 550 more than we should have, I think), from MANY diferent attendees. Unfortunately, this was too much of a good thing for the Auction Store volunteers, who had to work under stress for long hours (8:30am to 8pm) to manage this large mass of games, buyers, and sellers. When everything was finally settled, only one game was lost, and that turned up the day after the con closed. Our great thanks go out to the Auction Store volunteers and the patient participants, both buyers and sellers. You have my word that future Auction Stores will go more smoothly, mostly by limiting entries (to 800 items, I think) and by enforcing a more formal submissions process.

Here are some sales stats:
Games offered - 1357
Number of different sellers - (don't know)
Games sold - 629
Total sales - $9272+ (there were a few hundred dollars in sales not captured by the system)
Highest value sale - $110
$50+ - 16 games
$40-49 - 26 games
$30-39 - 37 games
$20-29 - 96 games
$10-19 - 197 games
$1-9 - 246 games

P.S. - ideas in consideration are:

  1. LAN with two PCs and a shared worksheet, allowing two or mroe people to enter submissions, sales, and payouts simultaneously, reverting to a single PC in case of network or a PC failure.
  2. Requiring all submissions be submitted by email at least three days before the con
  3. Mandatory lot numbers
  4. Simplified accounting (10% fee for total sales of all games, rounded to $.25, instead of separate calcuations on each sale.)
Any other ideas?