Photos from the August 25-27, 2017 Congress of Gamers. Did you take any great pics? Please share.
Friday night meetup with free admission.
Player finder signage
Compleat Strategist vendor table
Friday night is all right!
Great Western Trail game
Geek Mania at Break My Game
Business Air at Break my Game
Hood Bank Atlantis at Break my Game
Loot and Plunder at Break My Game
Congress of Gamers library (including a trunkful of games Jack brought from GCOM's library). Many additional games were available in other rooms, thanks to lending by players.
Literature table.
Registration desk, including re-purposed WBC banner.
Map of hotel, with CoG prominent!
Noah leads seasoned adventures in D&D
Noah schools a new generation of D&D players
Lock and Load's vendor table with plenty of war games.
18xx was represented!
Break My Game testing (what game?)
Championship Formula Racing special event
Auction Store vultures circling for killer deals. Anyone have a photo of the inside of the store?
Wings of War megagame special event
Two Rooms and a Boom in the main hallway
Ron Bashian's Eclipse swan song. He led the game and then donated it, with its expansion, to the con. Thanks, Ron!
Terraforming Mars was the con's hottest tourney game, with four tables seated.
Gamers mining the con's game bits trove
Rummage sale of "junk" games and donated items. Prices started at $1, then $.50, then $.25, then FREE! In the end, the table was bare.
The tourney action was still going strong on Sunday
Tourney winner Shiv Chopra crushed the competition, with no asterisk! (inside joke)