Due to a shortage of volunteers, we were forced to super-simplify the tournament structure and scoring so that it could run withotu a tournament director. It worked pretty well. We had tri-fold prisms with sleeves for game cover prints to help assemble gamers, GM's for most games and (as far as I know) sufficient copies of games for everyone who wanted to play the scheduled games of interest, although I heard that Ticket to Ride was a close call. Wins (3 poitns) and second palce finishes (1 point) were self reported and added to a master score sheet for tallying the winner. Because we had no one to tally best 5 games, we made it a decathalon (acturally an "octathalon"). The winner by a landslide was Shiv Chopra, with one second and six first place finishes. We have a 12 point tie for second place by Brian Henderson and Perianne Lurie, with the tie-breaker of "first to get three victories" in favor of Brian. Con management and tourney players convey a big round of thanks to volunteers Ed Gilliland, Jeff Kahan, Aaron Blair, Jim Henderson, Perrianne Lurie, Anne Merrell, Phillip Millman, Kiva Fecteau, Neil Thorsen, Henry, James Quigley, and Chris Wildes.