Congress of Gamers Fall 2017 Session tournament results are:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (4 tables, 16+ players)
St Petersburg (3 tables, 9+ players)
Ticket to Ride (3 tables, 13+ players)
Lords of Waterdeep (3 tables, 15+ players)
Terraforming Mars (3 tables, 13+ players)
Great Western Trail (11 players)
7 Wonders (10 players)
Puerto Rico (9 players)
Alhambra (8 players)
Ra (7 players)
Stone Age (7 players)
Russian Railroads (7 players)
Concordia (6 players)
Thurn and Taxis (6 players)
Castles of Burgundy (6 players)
Vegas Showdown (6 players)
Dominion, Power Grid, Acquire, Carcassonne, Egizia, Orleans (4 players each)
Evolution, Century Spice Road (3 players each)
Catan, MAchi Koro (2 players each)
Village, Roll for the Galaxy, and Hansa Teutonica did not play.

Total of 177 player starts. 60 people played at least one game.

We didn't hold the Meeple League final because there was only 1 table for Stone Age.

Eugene won with 65 points, just one 1 pt ahead of Rodney. Both had 5 wins and 2 seconds, but then Eugene had a third place where Rodney had a 4th place. Third place was Brian Henderson with 45 points

Con management and tourney players convey a big round of thanks to volunteers Ed Gilliland, Norman Rule, P. Owens, Glen Massey Marcy Morelli, Eric Wrobel, Shiv Chopra, J. Mongold, Eugene Yee, Jeff Kahan, Aaron Blair, Anne Merrell, Helen Powell, and Neil Thorsen.