Congress of Gamers 2015 Bring and Buy After Action Report, by Daniel Broh-Kahn

Daniel, Sharon and a host of assistants conducted the largest Bring & Buy in CoG history, with 33 vendors, 717++ games offered, and about 250 sold. The new format, with a simplified and standardized form, a single day of sales, and explicit instructions for print four forms per page were well received. We even had some success with sellers uploading their submissions lists in advance, and with putting them online 1-2 days before the con, for arm-chari shopping.

Here are some changes planned for 2016:

  1. We'll MOVE to a much larger space in the Senior Center's lounge area, add additional shelving and tables, and further encourage early submissions.
  2. Provide a printer, so sellers get a complete listing of what they sold, and at what price.