Congress of Gamers 2014 Bring and Buy After Action Report, by Daniel Broh-Kahn

What a blast.  I was astounded that we moved so many games!  Sharon was a huge help, of course, and I could not have done this without her.

Here is a brief summary:  

We had 541 games ingested, and sold 287 of them.  That is impressive, over 50%.

Total HI Prices of everything sold or not were over $9k, LO prices were $7.5k.
We sold $3676 worth of stuff,  

We paid out $3314.

Here are my recommendations for next year:

1) 1 Day only.  3 times, 10 am 12 noon and 2 pm.  Ingest at 9:00 am, egress from 4 to 5.
2) $.25 listing fee if they preregister OR bring data exactly formatted on a thumb drive.  I will work on creating a standardized mail merge template that anyone can use.
3) $.50 to register on site if not #2, but they STILL have to use the postcards below.
4) Standardize the sales sheet, using four to a page postcards.  Avery 3256.  This will help significantly, as we can then sort sales into a sorter by vendor to do a check before cashing out.  PLUS it will make smaller games (like card games) easier to see. 
5)  On the sales sheet, what do we really need?  Name of Product, descrtiption, Condition and 3 Prices,  THAT IS IT!  We do not need any extraneous text, do we?  I'd like to make the font of the sales prices very large for ease of readability.

6) Get a printer, so when someone cashes out, we actually give them a complete listing of what they sold, and at what price.  This will be HUGE benefit for attracting sellers, which in turn will attract more buyers!

That's all I can think of now...