Congress of Gamers

A DC-Metro Area Gaming Convention (formerly known as TriaDCon)
Sept. 20-21, 2008 • Bauer Drive Community Center • Rockville, MD

Congratulations to Raphael Lehrer, the 2007 Euro-Decathlon Champion!

Raphael Lehrer 

In 2007, we had another successful convention, and in the process renewed old friendships and created new ones. In addition, some excellent gaming took place, with everything from historical miniatures, wargames of both the miniatures and boardgame types, and Euro-games to fantasy roleplaying.

Thank you to everyone who attended our convention in 2007! See photos.

Although the name has changed, we are still moving forward.
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We are looking forward to many other exciting changes—including a game library, more space for open gaming, a No Cost Math Trade using BoardgameGeek, and a game design competition. But not everything is new. The EuroDecathlon, run by John Weber, will be back. We expect to bring back designers and help wargamers find opponents in open gaming. You'll also find a lot of fun and some old and new friends.

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