A Fun, Old-Fashioned Local Gaming Convention with MiniaturesBoardgamesRoleplaying
Fall 2008 • Washington, DC Beltway area (TBD)

Congratulations to Raphael Lehrer, the 2007 TriaDCon Euro-Decathlon Champion!

Raphael Lehrer 

We had another successful convention, and in the process renewed old friendships and created new ones. In addition, some excellent gaming took place, with everything from historical miniatures, wargames of both the miniatures and boardgame types, and Euro-games to fantasy roleplaying.

Thank you to everyone who attended TriaDCon 2007! See photos.

Special thanks go out to our hardworking organizers; invaluable GMs; the wargame designers who attended; Washington Area DBA Gamers (WADBAG) for sponsoring the De Bellis Vasingtonium DBA tournament; the University of Mayland Go Games Club; Games Club of Maryland for sponsoring the Euro Decathlon; NorthStar Games for running two of their famous game shows; Mystic Station for putting significant effort into roleplaying panels, workshops and games; those who brought and bought items for the Bring and Buy; and our and Vendors.

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2008 will bring many changes to TriaDCon, including a new location, with better parking and logistics (i.e., fewer stairs).